• Examination of the project with the scope of location and concept.
  • Examination of the project layouts and propals fom the point of sector and brand mix, review of the existing architectural design to provide function in operational sense by taking into consideration the standards of national and international brands.
  • Determining the concept & decorations and target visitor groups.
  • Determining the appropriate shopping center type.
  • Preparation of amendment suggestions in case of an existing project and creating a brief for the client based on the type of the shopping center.
  • Exchange of opinions with architecture and construction groups; sharing the changes and elements which may be necessary from the point of leasing and management in the project, before the start of leasing activities.
  • Providing the coordination between shopping center administration and concept design and electric, mechanic and architectural disciplines regularly; Providing the settlement of the lessees at their locations in shopping center and all pilotage services.