• Presentation of probable scenarios by projections over the leases and other revenues, determining unit leasing prices and flexibilities with respect to location, concept and other objectives and creation of continuation of leasing policy.
  • Analysis of  layouts from the merchandising point of view as well as  local, national and international retailers’ perspectives in order to create functionally well-run shopping malls.
  • Creation of briefing in order to prepare the contents of project introduction kit and to execute the required PR and launch work to introduce the project to the press, retailers and the consumers.
  • Preparation of the leasing plan according to the leasing strategy and timing.
  • Reparation and review of the lease contracts, decoration guidelines, operational manuels technical specifications etc.)
  • Determining the sector and retail brands appropriate to the location of the shopping center, its concept and catchment area.
  • Determining the categories and their locations appropriate to the interaction of retailers with each other and visitors.
  • Determining the operational expenses, common area costs and implementing these in the contracts.
  • Reletting and tenant restructuring when there is a need.